New online survival game !

Survival game in countryside

Welcome on the online survival game Err or die presentation! It's about a web survival game totally free that will stay alike (free and playable simply via a web browser, on mobile or desktop).

Your game will be tense and brisk : a steady and quiet situation may quickly become disastrous. This continual disequilibrium will paradoxically provide to the game, when it will become multiplayer, some balance. Indeed, the newcomers will have as many chances to survive than the old bushwhacker who managed to outlive until now.

Game's universe is based on french countryside : resources that you'll be able to find (natural or deserted by human beings) are the same ones you would find in real world. Crafting will be also as realistic as possible, just like crafted items' effects. Survival will be transposed with a row and concret way, and you'll have to adopt pragmatic and even oppotunistic behaviors to last as long as you can !

Despite a concrete gameplay, settled in reality, some strange surprises in the backoung may make you stunned...

Steampunk game online

So don't wait to test the demo game : go ahead and try to survive !